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What Is Funeral Matters?
Funeral Matters is designed to provide an online solution for planning and building a funeral, confidentially and on your own time.

Our innovative process gives you control over the information needed to make decisions regarding cremation, burial or donation and any ceremony or memorials tailored to your needs and budget –until you are ready to speak with a funeral director.

All aspects of the funeral can be planned and discussed with those close to you in the comfort of your own home.

You have the choice to either remain anonymous, printing your selections and associated prices, or send your thoughts to a funeral director for further discussion and follow-up.

Latest Reviews
Users will be able to review their experience with the Funeral Matters process at an appropriate time following arrangements.

Robyn, New Jersey
Attaining this honest input will help us to keep improving our program and assist our subscribers in becoming better arrangers.

Robyn, New Jersey
This important feature will allow our subscribers to have active, positive participation from users and create a solid foundation for a trusted relationship.
Robyn, New Jersey